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Whenever our clinic is open, we have a competent exotic animal veterinarian available for your pet’s care. We routinely take laboratory samples, administer intravenous fluids/medications, perform surgery on and anesthetize our clients’ unusual pets. Minimizing patient stress is our priority. Come and benefit from our experience. Annual examinations are strongly recommended for all of the pet species. Individually listed are some of the species more commonly seen here at the Animal Hospital of South Gorham, but call ahead… there are quite a few other animals that we haven’t listed but will also examine.


Avian : Dr. Mulski and Dr. Niedermeyer definitely qualify as avian veterinarians as they have spent over twenty years caring for the pet bird population of Maine. Besides taking extra course work and rotations during university studies, they both routinely attend continuing education seminars on avian medicine and are in contact with several avian specialists. For the past fifteen years they have owned upwards of twenty birds at any given time. We receive many referrals from local veterinarians. We are comfortable taking laboratory samples from your pets as well as performing carefully monitored anesthesia and surgery. Endoscopic examinations are readily available. We are happy to treat pet birds (psittacenes, passerines, etc.), raptors (including working falcons) and poultry. Dr. Don Harris from Miami is a well known avian specialist who has referred several of his “snowbird” clients to our practice.

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Reptilian : We routinely examine a wide variety of snakes, lizards and chelonians (turtles and tortoises). Let us help you overcome the problems inherent in keeping these species healthy despite a northern climate.

Ferrets (Mustelids) : These little bandits make delightful companions. Here at the Animal Hospital of South Gorham we are able to care for all of your ferret’s needs from routine vaccinations and heartworm prevention through bilateral adrenalectomy and cancer treatments. Trust our experience and gentle handling.

Rabbits (Lagomorphs) : These are some of our sweetest patients. Our hospital is among the very few in New England that routinely intubates rabbits during general anesthesia. We are well equipped and capable of providing the treatments necessary to maintain the dental health of this challenging species.

Pocket Pets : This category includes Guinea pigs, rodents, chinchillas, and degus. We enjoy assisting our clients with these diminutive creatures. Appropriate husbandry helps to avoid common illnesses and increase longevity.

Marsupials : In our area, sugar gliders are the most commonly seen in this group. Diet and handling recommendations can increase your enjoyment and help to limit your pet’s stress.

Pet Farm Animals : Although we do not routinely offer farm calls, we are happy to see sheep and goats at our hospital. Dr. Niedermeyer has shown his Oberhasli dairy goats at the Cumberland fair for the past five years, and we fully understand the care involved. We offer closely monitored general anesthesia and pain management for the care of your “friends” (as opposed to “production units”).

Fish : Dr.Niedermeyer takes a particular interest in pet fish and can help you with careful management of you aquarium.


Dr. Linda Mulski, V.M.D.

Dr. Linda K. Mulski,V.M.D. graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989. She had previously completed a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Animal Science at the University of Connecticut as a University Scholar. She has had long term interests in exotic animal medicine, soft tissue surgery, behavior management of all pet species, and client communication. More recent interests include dressage training and competition (at low levels) on her thoroughbred “Gaius”. Dr. Mulski has appeared on local television (“Area Code 207” on channel 6), routinely talks to local schoolchildren about veterinary medicine as a career, and has lectured at the New Hampshire Community Technical College. She enjoys spending time with her family and their animals and tormenting her long suffering husband.

Thomas M. Niedermeyer, V.M.D.

Dr. Thomas M. Niedermeyer, V.M.D. graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989. He had previously completed a B.A. in Biochemistry with a minor in German, also at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining The Animal Hospital of South Gorham in fall of 2003, Dr. Niedermeyer managed and provided veterinary coverage for the Animal Emergency Clinic in Portland. He enjoys the wide variety of patients seen at our clinic and our long term association with clients. Fish medicine, chelonians, geese, sheep and goats are his particular interests. Dr. Niedermeyer and his family recently started showing and breeding dairy goats; they enjoy the milk and cheese. He is an avid gardener when his daughters leave him a little peace and quiet.

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